لعبة FrogHop مجانا لوقت محدود


You are the Frog King and the princess needs your help. Hop from coloured ball to ball and change them to golden spheres.

Go for high scores and gain kisses. But avoid thievish storks or swimming bombs or you will lose your crown and be an ordinary frog again.

FrogHop is a fun and addictive skill-game for everybody - with cute graphics and smooth gameplay. Do the hop!


It's easy to learn:

- Tap on a color to hop to the next ball with that color. To hop on a ball with two colors tap both colors at the same time.

- Tap on dragonflys and flies to catch them right in the air.

- Don't rest on balls that are watched by the stork or it'll pick your crown. And don't hop on bombs!

- Jump on special balls to get new crowns and speed up or slow down the action.

- Collect 12 different crowns like "the Crown of Hopington" or "King hop-a-lot"

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


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